IT consulting

What Should You Expect From an IT Audit?

Most businesses depend on a delicate ecosystem of network connections to support their daily business operations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to disrupt the balance of these environments; a tidy and carefully cultivated garden can easily turn into an overgrown tangle if you don’t keep an eye on things.

Using IT to Improve your Business Processes

Business Process Management (BPM) is growing in importance as many organizations look for ways to work more efficiently, improve customer service and avoid wasteful spending.  Although BPM is usually thought of as a “management concern,” IT professionals are often heavily involved in these initiatives as well.  That’s because new technology has always played an essential …

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The End of Windows XP

This isn’t the first time we’ve posted about Windows XP’s impending doom, but if you missed the news, this operating system has been scheduled for retirement in early April next year.  For end users, this means that there will no longer be any support available for this operating system and no more updates or security …

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Building it Right the First Time – IT planning

In the past, most organizations built their IT networks one component at a time, based on whatever business requirements seemed urgent at any given moment.  But as the demands of maintaining an effective IT system grow increasingly complex, more and more organizations are beginning to understand the importance of taking a planned and logical approach …

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The Challenges of IT Consolidation

IT consolidation is all about downsizing, centralizing and simplifying your IT infrastructure.  This is usually accomplished by: Standardizing all of your equipment and software Physically shifting equipment in remote offices to one main data centre Virtualizing IT resources (cutting back on the amount of equipment you need to do the things you do)

Why use email archiving?

Email is one of the primary ways that most businesses communicate.  As a result, it’s also one of your most valuable — and vulnerable — informational resources.  Corporate emails may contain intellectual property, sensitive data, and essential paper trails for litigation, so Canadian organizations are legally obligated to protect and maintain these important records.

How to Develop an Effective Business Continuity Plan

From an IT perspective, the term “disaster” is used to describe a technical problem that could cause serious disruptions to your business.  While most people imagine disaster as the result of dramatic events, like fire, flooding or even sabotage, more often than not the cause of IT failure usually turns out to be much more …

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What is WAN Optimization?

Due to new business practices involving mobility, video conferencing and cloud computing, there is now more traffic moving across corporate networks than ever. Unfortunately, all of this traffic can be a huge burden on any organization with a wide area network (WAN) leading to slow system performance and expensive bandwidth charges. As a result, many organizations …

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Windows Surface RT Meeting with Mixed Reviews

Windows Surface RT, the new tablet most notable for it’s distinctive keyboard cover, has received mixed reviews since its launch in October.  Interestingly, some of the harshest criticism has been coming from Microsoft hardware partners.  In an interview with CITEworld, Todd Bradley, the head of HP’s PC business, stated that he didn’t see Microsoft as …

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