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Cloud & Devices Services

Custom cloud solutions that will leave your business in a state of blissful happiness. More and more Canadian business owners are turning to cloud technology to connect, collaborate and leverage stored data. However, there’s much more to it than meets the eye! Being in the cloud doesn’t guarantee the protection of your business, anymore than having a front door provides security for your home. It takes cloud readiness, planning and education to protect your business from the threat of an attack. Your computing hardware still needs protection, managed firewalls and a recovery plan to move your business beyond the cloud.

Cutting-Edge Resources

We help organizations, large and small, acquire the software and hardware required to keep their business on the cutting-edge. From procurement to installation, and proactive maintenance we’ll help you create scalable cross-platform experiences that enable you to quickly innovate and recover data after or during a disaster. Talk to us today, about finding the right cloud computing solution for you:

  • Private cloud computing
  • Global cloud computing
  • Hybrid cloud computing

Cloud Readiness

Our clients can count on us to help them assess their own cloud readiness, identify the right business entry point for them, and navigate the ever-changing world of cloud computing, while being mindful of the demands of the Canadian marketplace.


Because we recognize there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for backup and disaster recovery using the cloud, we’ll do what’s right for your business. Ultimately, we want you to reap the benefits of operational agility and make your move into the cloud a seamless one.

  • Increase your IT capabilities, quickly and affordably
  • Access enterprise class computing resources
  • Help your organization grow, manageably
  • Pay for service based on usage, without investing upfront
  • Scale cloud resources up or down, as required
  • Choose between global and private cloud computing resources

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