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We’re always ahead of the latest threats to provide protection for your most valuable assets. It’s an old adage, but nevertheless true: prevention is better than the cure, and just as important as the recovery! With one in five small businesses suffering a cyber breach this year, you’ll want to ensure that you can recover quickly and completely. With cyber attacks becoming more advanced and sophisticated, protecting your digital assets will be mission-critical, otherwise you’re just putting yourself in the firing line of hackers!

Protected in the Face of the Unexpected

Did you know that:

  • 81% of all breaches happen to small and medium sized businesses
  • 97% of breaches could have been prevented with today’s technology

At Servicad, we understand how important it is to keep your business running smoothly. That’s why our backup system takes images of all your servers and stores an exact replica in the cloud. In the event of a fire, theft or flood we can recover your data, offer peace of mind and restore business continuity in a matter of minutes.


Business Continuity

Businesses rely on continuous and uninterrupted access to information in order to function effectively, with some companies completely reliant on e-business processes for their survival. With so many transactions and communications now taking place over the web, losing access for even an hour can cause millions of dollars to be lost. That’s why our innovative backup solutions are designed to ensure rapid and reliable recovery in the event of disaster.



For integrity and expertise that you can trust, turn to Servicad. Our highly certified consultants and technicians can provide a wide range of security services, from auditing and assessments to complete, layered protection to keep your entire IT system safe.

  • Develop a continuity plan to keep your business operational, even in a crisis
  • Access the latest disaster recovery tools, at affordable pricing
  • Receive customized recommendations, for optimal protection
  • Consult with skilled experts – we’ve seen it all!


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