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Question of the Month – November

Question: How can I transfer text messages from Android to iPhone? Answer:Many people might be put off switching phone platforms because it can be hugely inconvenient to lose all your text messages when making the switch. Below we detail three workarounds that can ease the transition between Android and iPhone. 1: Probably the simplest way of moving messages across between systems is to use the Move to iOS app built into the iPhone. This will only work if you are

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News Bytes – November

Google Maps Gets BusyGoogle has just announced that Google Maps’ “busyness” feature is being expanded so that users can check on how busy or empty any specific location is in real time, e.g., if you’re thinking of visiting your favorite deli, you can find out the numbers of people present in that location. This new feature will not just save you time standing in line by allowing you to visit places when queue times are lowest, it is also intended

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Five Little-Known Windows Functions

When an operating system is as familiar as Windows, it’s easy to overlook some of the useful features have been added over time. Below we list five handy functions that many users might not be aware of. Timeline: Timeline was added in April 2018. It is essentially a history of the way you’ve used the programs you have on your desktop, giving you a chronological list of previously-opened files. If you want to get back to exactly where you were

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How to Protect Your Android Phone Against Malware

Whilst most people are fully aware of the security threats they have to guard against with laptops and desktops, many people forget that your smartphone is effectively an extra computer that you carry with you at all times. If it is linked to your other systems, it can represent a vulnerable point which cybercriminals can use to access many areas that you thought were secure. Many cybercriminals have designed malware specifically for attacking smartphones, and this can launch attacks that

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Planner and To-Do Are Coming Together

Microsoft has recently introduced a new integration between its Planner and To-Do apps as part of its Office 365 Enterprise and Education offerings. According to the company, this is the most requested modification from users who wanted all Assigned to Me tasks in Planner to appear on their personal To-Do lists, integrating team tasks with individual responsibilities. Planner is where teams can collaborate and everyone can see who’s doing what; To-Do is where the individual user can see what they

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