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Question of the Month – August

Question: How Can I Download Facebook Videos? Answer: If you’re looking to download a Facebook video here’s the good news: Downloading Facebook videos is not actually that difficult… and you won’t need any expensive software! All it takes is a couple of simple apps or an easy-to-use Chrome extension and you’re all good to go. To download a Facebook video, simply follow the steps outlined below: 1) Visit the page on which the video is posted and click on the

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The Four Data Security Best Practices You Should Adopt Today

Crimes involving information systems are becoming more and more common and malicious actors are developing increasingly complex methods of getting their hands on our personal information. It is more important than ever that you take serious steps to protect sensitive data via robust data security measures. But what exactly does that involve and what steps do you need to take to ensure the information you store is safe from prying eyes? Here’s our lowdown on the data security best practices

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News Bytes – August

Equifax Fined $575M for Data Breach Equifax has reached an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission and additional federal and state regulators on the penalties that will be leveraged in the aftermath of the 2017 major information breach. The deal, which comes two years after Equifax leaked sensitive customer information, will see the company pay a minimum of $575 million in settlement fees. Of this, at least $300 million will be invested in the credit monitoring systems required to assist

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A Very Quick and Simple Guide to Encryption

The term ‘encryption’ features at the heart of conversations about data protection, and the majority of people are aware that it plays an important role in information security. However, very few of us know how it actually works. Here’s everything you need to know about encryption in a nutshell. What is encryption? Encryption involves modifying information in a way that can only be interpreted by the recipient. To decrypt the data, the recipient uses a special “key,” which is usually

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Chrome Privacy Extensions Promise to Keep Your Data Safe

If you’re concerned that Chrome as a standalone platform is not quite up to the task of keeping your data away from prying eyes, it may be time to install some simple browser extensions that can help you maintain tighter control of your privacy. It’s no major secret that Chrome doesn’t quite cut the mustard when it comes to safeguarding your privacy, especially when it’s pitted against the offerings of Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Brave, the novel privacy-centric browser.

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