Is the Cloud Safe?

Businesses of every size are beginning to see the advantages of cloud computing.  The cloud can offer access to enterprise-level IT capabilities, incredible storage space and cost-effective pricing.  Even so, the idea of hosting data and virtualized resources online is often met with apprehension. Conventional wisdom dictates that if you want to keep your private …

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What is WAN Optimization?

Due to new business practices involving mobility, video conferencing and cloud computing, there is now more traffic moving across corporate networks than ever. Unfortunately, all of this traffic can be a huge burden on any organization with a wide area network (WAN) leading to slow system performance and expensive bandwidth charges. As a result, many organizations …

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Windows Surface RT Meeting with Mixed Reviews

Windows Surface RT, the new tablet most notable for it’s distinctive keyboard cover, has received mixed reviews since its launch in October.  Interestingly, some of the harshest criticism has been coming from Microsoft hardware partners.  In an interview with CITEworld, Todd Bradley, the head of HP’s PC business, stated that he didn’t see Microsoft as …

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