Question of the Month – September

Question: Is there a way to avoid having Windows 10 updates automatically restart my computer?

Answer: Windows 10 has attracted a huge amount of criticism from users because the multiple updates that Microsoft has issued have been really forced out, restarting people’s computers without sufficient warning.

There’s a way to stop your system from restarting when you’re in the middle of preparing an important document: use the Active Hours feature to control when updates are downloaded and installed.

Preventing software from updating when new releases are issued can be a risky business because they often contain important security patches. As such, it is better to control when the updates happen as opposed to completely preventing them.

That’s where the handy new feature called Active Hours comes into play.

Simply let Microsoft know the times at which you don’t want Windows to restart, and you can rest easy that your computer will be up and running when you need it. To do this, perform the following steps:

Go to settings > Update and security > Change active hours and select the hours at which you don’t want any software updates to automatically install.

Windows will no longer install any software during those hours. And even outside those hours Windows will still warn you if a shutdown is imminent.