News Bytes – March

Google Bulletins Launches in Text Phase, But What’s So Special?
Google has set its sights on facilitating local news broadcasts with a new tool, Google Bulletin, which will be open to any community members who wish to post local news items. However, the finer details as to how this local news network will actually work are yet to be ironed out.

Bulletin was recently launched in two test communities: Oakland, California, and Nashville, Tennessee. It takes the form of a phone app that allows any user within a given community to rapidly share local news stories.

According to Google insiders, the app is very much in the testing phase and is yet to extend beyond the experiment phase. On face value, it looks very much like a social app; however, the fundamental difference between this offering and what is already out there is that Google Bulletin will be entirely focused on news items and will offer users an opportunity to share and proliferate images, videos, and updates related to local events. However, the very little information that has been released to date has left people questioning how the information that is shared via the platform will be monitored for accuracy, relevance, and suitability.

Google Camera Clips to Hit the Shelves
Last year, technology fans became pretty excited following the announcement that Google would be launching Clips, an intelligent device that automatically takes pictures when it sees something of interest. Google has maintained radio silence since the news broke; however, last week, Clips quietly hit the shelves.

The AI-based camera, which has a price tag of $249, was briefly available for purchase before rapidly being withdrawn again.

Clips is targeted at parents who take a lot of pictures of their children. It sits somewhere in the background waiting to capture the perfect moment. Some critics have expressed concerns that the device can invade their privacy; however, Google is quick to point out that no images are ever shared with an external server.