July News Bytes

* LinkedIn, the largest online network for professionals, is set to undergo a major change. The network may soon be acquired by tech giant Microsoft now that the Board of Directors at both companies have unanimously approved the change. All that is left to finalize the transaction is the approval of the shareholders and the meeting of standard regulations and closing conditions, which are expected to be completed by the end of the year. LinkedIn has grown significantly in its membership and reach, in part due to the addition of a mobile application and enhancements to its membership feed. The partnership with Microsoft is expected to further its growth with such tweaks as using Microsoft’s cloud to widen exposure.

* Recently, Asus Chromebook Flip owners gained in-advance access to a new feature expected to solve one of the greatest complaints about Chromebook; its limited applications availability. Google is adding Android apps to Chromebook, beginning with the Asus Flip. This will grant access to any application developed for Android devices, opening up entire worlds of possibilities for Chromebook owners. After installing the latest updates, Asus Flip users will have a Google Play icon that will take them to all of the available apps. The feature, however, is still in its testing stage, so there may be a few wrinkles to iron out, but Google anticipates the widespread addition of this feature to all of its Chrome OS devices later this year.

* At the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced the upcoming release of iOS 10 this fall, with more changes and new features than any other iOS release to date. The changes reflect a move toward integration with other systems and services, greatly enhancing the usability of features like Maps, Siri, and Messages. News, Music, and Photos have also undergone design updates. Apple users can also expect new Messaging features like voice mail transcription to the iPhone app and even the ability to control home accessories like the garage door or lights from the new native Home app. The QuickType keyboard has also been improved to provide more accurate suggestions, and the Apple Watch has been tweaked for easier navigation and general performance.