Month: January 2016

January News Bytes

Facebook Messenger Adds Uber If you have ever had trouble hailing a taxi or finding private transportation, your problems may be solved now that Facebook Messenger is adding ride-hailing service to its offerings. Straight from Messenger, without closing any chat dialogues or having to download an app, you can get a ride from your location …

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How to Up Your PowerPoint Game

Back when PowerPoint first came out, it didn’t take a lot of finesse to create something visually appealing and exciting. Nowadays, however, PowerPoint and its similar counterparts like Keynote and Prezi, are old hats. It is no longer sufficient to add some generic photos and bullet points that outline your speech to grab your viewers’ …

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Apple Pay Review

Nestled within Passbook (or Wallet in iOS 9), Apple Pay is a relatively new method to make purchases without having to actually fumble around in your wallet to find your debit or credit cards. While Apple Wallet has been around for some time as a place to scan the barcode on and store movie passes …

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