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Question of the Month – March

Question: Will I lose my email account if I stop using it?

Answer: There are two main situations in which you may lose the ability to send emails and even access your email account following a period of not logging in: Inactivity and exceeded quota.

E-mail expires or disables as a result of inactivity
Many of the most popular free email service providers will disable an email account if it is not used for a set number of days. For example, if you fail to log into your account within a 30-day period, you may suddenly find that it has been suspended or even completely deactivated.

However, if your email address is provided by an Internet service provider or some form of paid account, it will not be deactivated, even if you do not use it or log in for a prolonged period of time.

If your email address is disabled, you will lose all the emails and contacts that were stored in your account. As such, if your free email account contains any information that is valuable to you, you should ensure you log in on a regular basis to ensure it remains active.

You hit your quota
Many email accounts come with a quota. This is designed to help the email providers reduce disk space. Once your storage exceeds this amount, you will no longer be able to receive emails; however, you will be able to access your stored emails and contacts.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you may exceed your email quota if you fail to log in to your account for a long period of time because bulk mail and other emails will accumulate in the background. If you do not regularly perform housekeeping on your email account, quota issues will emerge and you’ll stop receiving emails.