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  • Student Laptop Buying Tips

    Many students going back to school this fall will need a new laptop, not only for their schoolwork but for after-school R&R. There are literally thousands of laptops on the market, so what should you be looking for? Here are some quick and simple pointers: Screen size: Students tend to prefer 13 or 14 inch […]

  • Question of the Month – September

    Question: Can data be lost if a USB drive is unplugged before it’s ejected? Answer: Many of us tend to simply pull USB sticks out of our computers and ignore the warning we receive from the system telling us the USB drive has not been safely removed. After all, we’ve done it hundreds of times […]

  • News Bytes – September

    400 Suspensions and a Ban for Facebook Apps Facebook has announced that, as a result of its investigations into thousands of apps post-Cambridge Analytica, it has suspended 400 and banned one outright. myPersonality has been banned after refusing to be audited; Facebook says it has evidence that the company was sharing information with researchers and […]

  • News Bytes – August

    Amazon Prime Day record Sales despite Glitches Although it encountered a raft of issues, Amazon is yet again celebrating a successful Prime Day. The storm, however, may still be raging. According to Amazon, the first ten hours of Prime Day grew faster than last year. In the initial four hours, Amazon sold 54% more than […]

  • Question of the Month – August

    Question: Wireless access points and wireless routers – what’s the difference? Answer: People often ask what the difference is between a router, a wireless router and an access point. And if they don’t ask what the difference is, they ask which one they need. Let’s first look at routers. Routers take information from one port […]

  • Using Reddit for Content Marketing

    With so many social media platforms out there, we’re never short of ways to reach our followers and customers. Although many of these platforms are similar to one another, Reddit is fairly new to the party and has brought with it a fresh new offering. As an interesting content marketing opportunity, we thought we’d offer […]

  • News Bytes – July

    Facebook’s Fight against Fake News Facebook has just announced new initiatives to prevent the dissemination of fake news on its platform. In addition to using technological devices and human input to recognize and delete counterfeit accounts, they will be employing fact checkers and educating users on how to identify fake news. Facebook’s program will also […]

  • Question of the Month – July

    Question: My Smartphone is too slow; how can I speed it up? Answer: Figure out what is slowing down your smartphone The first step should be figuring out the root of the problem. Did the phone start slowing down after downloading a specific app? Is the OS up to date? There are profiling apps, used […]

  • News Bytes – May

    New Facebook Community Standards Announced Facebook has finally shared the rules it applies to determine whether to ban posts. Here’s a list of the things that will lead to removal: Credible violence: Threats of violence will be taken down if they are “credible.” Instructions on how to make and use weapons will also be removed. […]

  • News Bytes – April

    Google Chrome to Block Autoplay Videos That Have Sound This will come as welcome news to many: Google is set to put an end to those annoying autoplay videos that blast out sound upon loading. Version 66 of Chrome contains changes to autoplay settings that will block videos from being played if the sound is […]