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  • Question of the Month – August

    Question: How Can I Download Facebook Videos? Answer: If you’re looking to download a Facebook video here’s the good news: Downloading Facebook videos is not actually that difficult… and you won’t need any expensive software! All it takes is a couple of simple apps or an easy-to-use Chrome extension and you’re all good to go. […]

  • News Bytes – August

    Equifax Fined $575M for Data Breach Equifax has reached an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission and additional federal and state regulators on the penalties that will be leveraged in the aftermath of the 2017 major information breach. The deal, which comes two years after Equifax leaked sensitive customer information, will see the company pay […]

  • Question of the Month – June

    Question: What’s the Danger with Encrypted Malware Files? Answer: After ransomware attacks, some computer users may be keeping encrypted malware files on their systems. Certain bugs were used to attack hard drives and encrypt photographs and documents, demanding a ransom to unlock the encrypted files. Users have sometimes refused to pay the ransom (quite rightly, […]

  • News Bytes – June

    Sony jumps to Azure In a surprise move which seems to have caught some of its employees off guard, Sony has announced plans to use Microsoft’s Azure cloud system for its games. Sony was originally planning to run its own cloud gaming operations through the PlayStation Now platform, but its servers and network infrastructure weren’t […]

  • News Bytes – May

    $2000 for a failing phone? The new Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was supposed to introduce ground-breaking new foldable smartphone technology, is beset with problems after claims from reviewers and early adopters that the technology is easy to break. There have been reports of dirt getting into the device’s hinge, damaging the screen display, of the […]

  • News Bytes – April

    Facebook and Google Conned out of $121 Million Lithuanian Evaldas Rimasauskas has recently admitted conning Facebook and Google into sending him over $100 million. Pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud, Rimasauskas will forfeit $49.7 million. Working with unknown co-conspirators, the man is said to have assisted a fake email campaign targeting Facebook and […]

  • Facebook Passwords Stored in Plain Text since 2012

    Facebook has been mining user data for years. It logs our political stances, relationship histories and even phone records. Recent information suggests that it has been logging something else, too: unencrypted passwords. As per the recent news, hundreds of millions of passwords have been stored in plain text by Facebook-created applications. This information has been […]

  • Google Play Store Brimming with Unreliable Anti-virus Apps

    Independent testing agency AV-Comparatives has recently published the results of an enlightening study into Android security products. Examining 250 Android-based security products, the study assessed whether products available in the Google Play store could protect against 2,000 of the most common Android threats. AV-Comparatives deems an anti-virus product ineffective and unsafe if it fails to […]

  • Student Laptop Buying Tips

    Many students going back to school this fall will need a new laptop, not only for their schoolwork but for after-school R&R. There are literally thousands of laptops on the market, so what should you be looking for? Here are some quick and simple pointers: Screen size: Students tend to prefer 13 or 14 inch […]

  • Question of the Month – September

    Question: Can data be lost if a USB drive is unplugged before it’s ejected? Answer: Many of us tend to simply pull USB sticks out of our computers and ignore the warning we receive from the system telling us the USB drive has not been safely removed. After all, we’ve done it hundreds of times […]

  • News Bytes – September

    400 Suspensions and a Ban for Facebook Apps Facebook has announced that, as a result of its investigations into thousands of apps post-Cambridge Analytica, it has suspended 400 and banned one outright. myPersonality has been banned after refusing to be audited; Facebook says it has evidence that the company was sharing information with researchers and […]

  • News Bytes – August

    Amazon Prime Day record Sales despite Glitches Although it encountered a raft of issues, Amazon is yet again celebrating a successful Prime Day. The storm, however, may still be raging. According to Amazon, the first ten hours of Prime Day grew faster than last year. In the initial four hours, Amazon sold 54% more than […]