April 2015

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  • Remote Access and Security for your Business

    Working remotely is on the rise and is revolutionizing how business is conducted as a whole. As companies make the switch from centralized networks that require being physically present in the office to expansive virtual environments, it is possible to access corporate data from just about anywhere. Those companies that resist embracing remote access risk […]

  • Question of the Month

    Question: I have accidentally deleted some photos from my memory card. How can I retrieve them? Answer: Sometimes, all it takes to send you into a panic is one errant push of a button, such as pressing delete on a photo you want to keep on your digital camera. Although it is impossible to digitally […]

  • Windows 10 Will Be Free

      Following Apple’s lead of not charging users for operating system upgrades, Microsoft will offer Windows 10 to 7 and 8.1 users free. This initially seems like a bold move because OS sales and upgrades for personal computers have been a prime source of Microsoft’s income over the years. However, as the use of tablets […]

  • Software of the Month: Brewster

    Between LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and the horde of other available social media platforms, it can get a bit confusing when you need to reach a single person or group that may not be in every contact list. This is where Brewster comes to your rescue.   Brewster’s software isn’t entirely new. It has always gathered […]

  • Question of the Month for May

    Question: I don’t like the Windows 8 Home Screen, is there a way to get the Start button back?  Answer: One of the biggest issues of Windows 8 was the difficulty of navigating one’s own computer. Gone are the days of easily accessing frequently used programs by simply clicking on the start button or going […]