Why Backup to the Cloud?

cloud computing imageAs with any new technology, there’s a lot of concern over the security of cloud backups.  Unfortunately, this has led many people to believe that they’re better off with an old-fashioned solution — or worse — no backup at all!

In most cases, however, cloud backup is an affordable solution that offers many advantages to small and mid-sized businesses — as long as you find a safe and reliable service provider.  Here are just a few of the ways that you can benefit from a cloud hosted backup solution.

#1. Scalability

In-house backup solutions cost a lot up front, and it’s extremely expensive and time consuming to upgrade later on.  Many businesses find it difficult to predict how much their business can grow in just a few short years, and end up investing in short-term backup solutions that end up costing them more in the end.

#2. Security

There are many concerns surrounding cloud services, but managing your own backup in-house can be even riskier.  Most organizations can’t afford the most advanced security for their cloud solution, and they are unlikely to have personnel on staff who are specialized enough to provide the best possible protection for your data.  When you choose a reliable cloud provider, however, your working with a business that follows all of the best practices in the industry to keep your data safe.  The key here is to research thoroughly and find a provider that has a good track record for it’s services.

#3. Maintenance-free

When you move your backup to the cloud, you don’t have to lift a finger to keep your system running smoothly.  Your cloud provider will perform any maintenance required to keep your system up-to-date and protected.  Plus, you don’t need to keep any equipment on-site, so there’s no risk of any changes being made to your system by accident.

#4. Reliability

Most businesses simply don’t have the redundancy measures and advanced infrastructure required to defend against the risk of data loss and corruption.  A good cloud service provider, on the other hand, will guarantee up to 99.999% reliability for their system.

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