Time for Early Spring Cleaning

tangle of network cablesWith the advent of the spring season, cleaning out the proverbial cobwebs comes to mind. This cleaning, however, does not just apply to your closets; now is a great time to clean up your electronic devices as well. Over the course of the past year (or perhaps even longer), your computer has accumulated a lot of unnecessary or rarely used files and programs that can slow down your operations in general. When you give your PC the same attention as the cluttered places in your home, you can easily return it to a nearly new condition.

Out With the Old to Make Room for the New

Last year, you may have used a particular photo editor, but you have since found another application you prefer. If you leave that older editor on your PC or smartphone, it takes up unnecessary file space and generally clogs up the work for all of your other programs. As you go through your applications, you will likely find other ones you rarely use or have completely forgotten about their existence. You can choose to remove these space-suckers or, if you do occasionally need a rarely used application, stop them from booting up automatically through the Task Manager utility.

Third Party Clean Up Applications

When it comes to cleaning up unused files on your electronic device, it isn’t necessarily as straightforward. Some files are easily viewed, such as those in the “My Documents” folder, but there are many files that are hidden and are more difficult to determine their importance. This is where Disk Cleanup or a similar third-party application, such as Glary Utilities, comes into play. The cleanup application scours your PC and rids your hard drive of things like duplicate files, empty folders, error messages, and file logs you no longer need. You even have the option to view each file before its deletion.

 Freeing Up Web Browsing Space

When performing Spring cleaning on your electronic devices, your web browsers also need attention. Clear your browser history, temporary file cache, cookies, and download history in each of them. If you have multiple browsers, you may even consider getting rid of one if your PC is low on space. Once you have attended to your browsers, there will likely be a marked improvement in performance because all of that deleted information used an incredible amount of space. If you have Windows 8, you have an additional option if you truly want a pristine PC; you can reinstall your operating system with a touch of a button.


If you want us to help you spring clean your systems professionally let us know and we will be more than happy to provide a no-obligation quote.