The Six Best Security Camera Placement Tips

Protecting the security of your family and your belongings should be a top priority. However, simply purchasing the latest surveillance equipment is not enough. You need to be savvy when positioning security cameras so that you get the most out of them.
Here are six tips for placing security cameras such that they protect your property and enable you to ensure good video surveillance coverage:

1- Adopt a hybrid strategy
Security cameras often act as a deterrent. However, the more determined thieves out there might decide to disarm the cameras before continuing to break into the property. To cover all bases, it can be useful to install dummy cameras that are backed up with more discreetly positioned real surveillance equipment. That way, if the burglar does opt to break the cameras, you can catch them in the act.

2- Cover the front door
The majority of thieves enter properties like the rest of us, via the front door. Place your camera high out of reach but with full coverage of the front entrance. If you live in a single-floor property, you may need to protect the camera with wire meshing.

3- Keep an eye on the back door
Another very common entry point for burglars is the back door, so you will need a second camera here. Again, ensure the camera is beyond reach of any rocks or sticks that an intruder may launch in an attempt to disarm the equipment.

4- Protect off-street windows
Many thieves enter properties by smashing rear windows, and will typically target window panes that are not visible from the street to reduce the risk of being caught in the act. Make sure you’re one step ahead by keeping off-street windows under constant surveillance.

5- Cover gates and outdoor storage areas
Many thieves don’t target the interior of the property itself but are happy with the expensive equipment that is stored in sheds and storage areas, be it gardening equipment, bikes or maintenance machinery. Install a bright floodlight in your yard and back this up with a night vision surveillance camera that offers a full view of any gate or entrance area.

6- Basement entrances
Some prowlers will target basement entrances. Make sure any hatches, doors or small windows are under surveillance at all times so that you can catch any crooks who attempt to enter your home via the basement.