The Importance of Mobile Management

man using mobile devicesThe workplace is changing; becoming more flexible, more virtual and more mobile.  Many organizations have embraced this trend, citing improved productivity and worker satisfaction as some of the main reasons to promote remote working arrangements and other mobile practices.  But (as with any new technology) successfully introducing new mobile devices into the workplace can present a number of challenges.

If you don’t have a mobile management strategy in place, here are a few concerns to keep in mind.

#1 Device security

Giving your employees mobile access to important business documents can greatly improve their efficiency and responsiveness.  Unfortunately, it also increases the risk that your data might fall into the wrong hands.  For example, if an employee loses their device, there’s no telling who might pick it up!

#2 Inconsistent device configuration

When your employees are responsible for managing and updating their own devices, it can be difficult to ensure that all of them share the same experiences in their individual virtual workspace.  Keeping things consistent becomes even more difficult if you choose to employ a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and allow your users to bring different devices with different operating systems into the mix.

#3 Lack of supervision

Whether you have policies in place or not, your users are going to be downloading their own applications on their devices.  Sometimes this is done carelessly, but often, users who download apps are just trying to get their work done more effectively.  Unfortunately, many applications that seem like they would be useful at work can open the way to security issues and other problems.

#4 Difficulty updating and rolling out new applications

When everyone is in and out of the office at odd hours, ensuring that everyone is set up with the same applications, updates and security patches can be a nightmare.  In a BYOD environment, this process becomes even more complex due to compatibility issues with different devices and operating systems.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM for short) is a growing concern for many businesses and it has prompted an influx of new service providers, all offering their own solutions to the problem.  A variety of different software options are available depending on your specific needs, but some of our favourite features include remote wipe capabilities, monitoring, virus and spyware protection, software deployment tools and policy management features.

Ultimately, MDM technology can help you cut back on the amount of work you need to do to keep all of the mobile devices used in your organization synchronized with your network, up-to-date and secure.  If you’ve been struggling to manage all of your users effectively – or worse, worrying about the security of your corporate data – then MDM can help you save time and find peace of mind.