disaster recovery

Active Directory Recovery

Most people realize the importance of having a disaster recovery strategy to help bring their systems back online in the event of IT failure.  What most don’t realize, however, is the important role that Active Directory Recovery plays in this process.  Many organizations overlook AD backup as part of their recovery strategy, sometimes because of …

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Will Your Backup Be There When You Need It?

Many business owners assume that having a backup system in place is all they need to get their system back up and running in the event of a serious system disaster.  This is a mistake!  Not all backups are created equal and using the wrong one could have costly repercussions.

5 Reasons to Consider Virtualization

Virtualization is a broad term that involves creating a virtual copy of something, like a server, operating system, or storage device.  For example, server virtualization involves splitting the virtual environment of one physical server into several separate pieces, called “Virtual Machines.”  Each of these virtual machines can then be treated like separate servers.

How to Develop an Effective Business Continuity Plan

From an IT perspective, the term “disaster” is used to describe a technical problem that could cause serious disruptions to your business.  While most people imagine disaster as the result of dramatic events, like fire, flooding or even sabotage, more often than not the cause of IT failure usually turns out to be much more …

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