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Slow Internet at Home? Try the Following Tips

Many people are unsatisfied with the speed of their home Internet connection, which can adversely influence their enjoyment of the Internet, studying and working from home. There are number of things you can do to check and improve your Internet connection, which we detail below.

Check your router settings: if your broadband router isn’t properly configured, it could slow down your connection. Make sure that you configure it in line with the manufacturer instructions and your ISP’s recommendations.

Find any signal interference: if you are accessing the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection, you may be experiencing signal overlap, meaning your computer has to send information numerous times to get through the noise created by other Wi-Fi devices in the vicinity. You can overcome this by repositioning your router to a more favorable position, selecting a different Wi-Fi channel, and moving your device closer to the router.

Look out for worms and malware: these malicious pieces of software can infect your systems and use up your bandwidth and processing power with you being unaware that they are there. Make sure you have antivirus software installed and download all updates to mitigate this risk.

Shutdown background programs: many legitimate software applications could be using up your bandwidth while you are running other programs: they may be set to automatically update, or keep running ready for you to have instant access. Closing these programs down could make a significant difference to your Internet speed.

Check all your equipment: lots of equipment you need to access the Internet can be worn out or damaged but still keep functioning, but at a low speed. Experiment with multiple reconfigurations of your routers, modems, cables etc. to see if you can find a weak link that needs replacing or upgrading to improve your speed.

Run a speed check: you may be experiencing slow Internet, but is not necessarily the fault of your provider. If you run a speed check (many free online checkers are available) and find that you are achieving close to advertised speeds, the fault may lie in your computer. Check for any programs, utilities, etc. that could be slowing your computer down and disrupting its ability to handle fast Internet connections.

Finally, remember that the faster the Internet being provided, the more it costs your ISP. Some ISPs deliberately install controls or filters that slow down Internet downloads and uploads; if you’ve tried all the steps above and found that nothing speeds up your unsatisfactory connection, get in touch with us to schedule a service call.

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