September News Bytes

Google Home Users Can Now Make Calls
Following the May 2017 announcement that Google would be bringing hands-free calling functionality to its Google Home speaker, the feature has now been released to US and Canadian users.
The new calling feature transforms Google Home into a landline calling device that users can use to call local businesses and those in their contact list.

Setting up and using Google Home as a phone line is very straightforward. Users can simply access their phone contacts or phone a nearby businesses simply by instructing Google Home to place the call:
“Google, call [contact name]” or “Google, call the nearest Mexican restaurant.”
At present, emergency services calls cannot be placed using Google home.

Facebook Banished Fake Videos
It will come as great news to many people that the poor-quality videos that have been plaguing Facebook feeds for quite some time are set to be finally ditched.

Recently, Facebook announced that it would be rolling out two updates that would confine clickbait videos into the confines of history.

The brief rise to glory of the Facebook clickbait videos was spurred by the implementation of a Facebook algorithm that promoted video content. Spammers got wise and created really low-quality clickbait videos that often featured nothing more than a still image accompanied by a background song.
While Facebook has disclosed that the clickbait images and videos won’t be removed, they will be pushed to the depths of the newsfeed. Good riddance.