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Question of the Month – September

Question: Is there a free and safe way to combine PDF files?

Answer: Although PDFs are extremely useful for creating and sharing documents, they can be a headache to handle, particularly if you want to merge several of them into a single document, whether for space-saving purposes or to produce a portfolio. This can be done using Adobe Acrobat, but that means paying a minimum $13 a month subscription to the service. However, there are free-to-use alternatives available.

If you’re working in Windows AnywaySoft’s PDF Merger & Splitter is available free on the Microsoft Store. To merge PDFs in their entirety, simply select the Merge option, click Add PDFs, and select the required documents. You can change the order in which the documents will appear in your final version and preview it; once you’re satisfied, simply select Merge and give your new file an appropriate name. For greater customization, you can select Split, which allows you to select specific sections of a PDF for merging with others.

Working on Macs, you don’t even have to download an app; there is a built-in tool in Mac OS. To combine PDFs, open a PDF in Preview mode and click on View >Thumbnails; choose the page where you want the document you are merging to appear. Click on Edit >Insert >Page from File and open the PDF you are adding, then save the merged document under a new name. If you want to add sections of a PDF to another, open both documents in Preview and choose the Thumbnail view, which will show page thumbnails on the sidebar for both documents. Holding down the Command key, use your mouse to select the thumbnails of the pages you want to merge into the target document, then simply drag and drop them into the thumbnail sidebar of your target PDF at the sport you want them to appear in your final document.

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