Question of the Month – November

Question: How can I transfer text messages from Android to iPhone?

Many people might be put off switching phone platforms because it can be hugely inconvenient to lose all your text messages when making the switch. Below we detail three workarounds that can ease the transition between Android and iPhone.

1: Probably the simplest way of moving messages across between systems is to use the Move to iOS app built into the iPhone. This will only work if you are setting up a new iPhone or working with one that has been reset. In the App & Data screen select “Move Data from Android”, then on your Android device download, install, and open the Move to iOS app. Tap Continue on the iPhone and you will receive a numerical code which, when entered into the Android device, will move all your messages across.

2: If you’ve already started using your iPhone and want to integrate your messages on your Android device with those already on your new phone, apps such as Phone Transfer can do this for you. When you have downloaded this app, simply plug both devices into your computer and use the interface to decide what you want transferred between them (you can transfer photographs, files etc. as well as SMS messages).

3: A slightly unwieldy way of effecting the transfer of SMS, but one that can be useful if other methods don’t work, is to use the SMS Backup+ app. This free app that you backup your messages to your Gmail account so that they can be viewed on the iPhone, but note that they can only be viewed, they will not become part of the iPhone’s Messaging app where you can reply to them etc.