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Question of the Month – March

Question: How to import Gmail contacts from a spreadsheet?


Email users have a panoply of services available to them these days, and many of us use more than one provider, or at least have a work email and a private one. However, the process of moving contact lists from one service to another can seem a daunting one and few people enjoy the prospect of having to retype hundreds or even thousands of email addresses. Fortunately, Gmail has a simple process that allows users quickly and easily to import a list of addresses from a spreadsheet.

To import contacts, simply open a Gmail account and select the Google Apps menu icon at the top right. A pane of options will appear; select “More” at the bottom of this pane and then click on the “Contacts” icon.

From the Contacts menu, select “More” and then “Import”, click on “Select file”, find your spreadsheet file on your computer, click “Import” and all your contacts will automatically be added to your account.

Following almost exactly the same process but choosing “Export” instead will allow you to create a CSV file of your contacts if you want to copy them to a new account.

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