Question of the Month – July

Question: My Smartphone is too slow; how can I speed it up?


Figure out what is slowing down your smartphone
The first step should be figuring out the root of the problem. Did the phone start slowing down after downloading a specific app? Is the OS up to date? There are profiling apps, used for analyzing CPU, Wi-Fi and RAM usage, which can help pinpoint to the cause of the problem.

Create room in your Internal Storage
Installing too many apps can easily overload a smartphone’s capacity. Uninstalling apps usually helps speed up a phone. In fact, it is necessary to keep a part of the Internal Storage empty for the phone to work at full speed.

Turn off memory-consuming animations
Some smartphones have many visually appealing animations going on. Although they make the screen pretty, they serve no other purpose. What’s more, they consume precious phone resources, so it’s better to turn them off in the system settings.

Close the apps running in the background
A nifty feature of modern smartphones is being able to keep multiple apps open at once. However, it is easy to forget to close down those that are no longer in use. Closing down these background apps helps free up memory. Simply restarting the phone can improve its responsiveness.