Question of the Month – January

Question: What’s the best way to synchronize my Gmail calendar with Outlook?

Answer: It’s now commonplace to use both Gmail and Outlook for calendar services, especially if one is set up as a default on your PC and another on your smartphone or other device. There may also be an issue of having contacts unique to each platform. In either case, to achieve a complete and accurate calendar, you would need to synchronize the two. Here, we will outline how to do this with Gmail acting as the source and Outlook as the target, although it is possible to do the reverse in a similar manner.

The simplest method to sync the two calendars is to download Outlook Google Calendar Sync to do all the heavy lifting for you. Once it is downloaded, double-click on it for installation and press the Install button when prompted to do so. This often takes a few minutes, and a progress bar gives you an idea of where you are in this process. Allow access to your email when the installation is complete by pressing the appropriate button and note that 10 minutes is a likely sufficient time.

From here, select Settings to set up how to sync your Gmail and Outlook calendars. Choose your source calendar in Outlook from the drop-down menu. To set your target calendar in Gmail, press the Google subtab then Retrieve Calendars. If the program asks to manage your calendars, press Accept, copy the access code provided, and then paste it in the confirmation box to grant access. Lastly, select the Synchronization Direction from the drop-down menu (in this case, Gmail to Outlook), choose the desired date range and any other options provided, and press Sync to complete the process.