Question of the Month – August

Question: What’s the best way to recover a phone after being dropped in water?

Answer: If you drop your phone in water, you may just be able to save the day (or your photographs and contacts at least), if you act quickly. Here are five top tips for saving a water-logged mobile.

1. Remove the battery and SIM card. Don’t be tempted to test if the phone is actually working or not; whip out the battery and SIM card ASAP.

2. Remove excess water. If you have an air compressor or wet/dry vac to hand, give the drying process a helping hand to remove moisture and prevent corrosion.

3. Stick the phone in a bowl of rice. It isn’t just an urban myth. Submerging your phone in rice or desiccants (those small packets that are often loose in shoe and clothing packaging) will help to drain any moisture out of the device.

4. Freeze your phone. Yes, you read that right. Placing your phone in the freezer for 15-20 minutes can actually help to dry it out. Don’t forget to remove the battery and SIM first and wrap the phone in a few layers of kitchen towels to prevent any frost damage.

5. Try Bheesties™. If all else fails, try a product that has been specifically designed to save mobile phones and other devices from a water-logged fate. Bheestie bags are apparently seven times faster than rice and, given the fact time is of the essence, they may make all the difference. Make sure you have some in stock should disaster strike. You can buy them for $20 USD each from