Question of the Month – August

Question: How Can I Download Facebook Videos?

If you’re looking to download a Facebook video here’s the good news: Downloading Facebook videos is not actually that difficult… and you won’t need any expensive software!

All it takes is a couple of simple apps or an easy-to-use Chrome extension and you’re all good to go.

To download a Facebook video, simply follow the steps outlined below:
1) Visit the page on which the video is posted and click on the “Video” tab that appears on the left-hand side to view all the videos that have been posted on that page.

2) Look through the videos and find the one that you want to download.

3) Click on the video to open it and the date/time stamp will appear.

4) Right-click on the date/time stamp and copy the link that appears. What happens next will depend on whether you are downloading the video from a page, profile, or group, and whether the video is public or private.
a.To download from a private Facebook group, use an extension, such as or KeepVid. Simply paste the link you copied earlier into the tool and start the download.

b. Use an extension, such as Chrome’s Social Video Downloader. You can then quickly and easily download videos while using the social network at your leisure.