News Bytes – August

Amazon Prime Day record Sales despite Glitches
Although it encountered a raft of issues, Amazon is yet again celebrating a successful Prime Day. The storm, however, may still be raging.

According to Amazon, the first ten hours of Prime Day grew faster than last year. In the initial four hours, Amazon sold 54% more than it did at the same point last year. The very first hour, however, saw a 5% drop in sales compared to 2017.

Plagued with website issues, Amazon suffered site downtime, broken links and a host of other issues. Their customers became very fed up, and many threatened to terminate their Amazon Prime subscriptions.

Businesses to benefit from Google’s new secure access login tool
Context-aware access is the new secure login tool from Google. Creating a secure login path, Google’s new tool provides its business clients with an added layer of online security. Rather than simply trusting all their users to establish two-stage authentication and to store their passwords securely, the new tool allows G Suite firms to write their own rules, preventing third parties from maliciously gaining access to their systems.

Putting in place their own set of parameters, context-aware access allows businesses to establish rules-based access, restricting unauthorized access while focusing on the context of each user. In particular, the tool examines their log-in location, their IP address and the time at which they are accessing the system, amongst others.