It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Smartphone

Smartphones go through a lot in our bags and pockets, continually picking up grease and grime. While most of us just polish the screen with our fingers or wipe it on our clothes, to extend the longevity of your device, you really should give it a proper clean.

The simplest way to clean a phone or tablet screen is using a microfibre cloth. Microfibre cloths won’t scratch your device’s glass in the same way ordinary cloths will, and they pull in and retain the grease and dust that other types of cloth just spread. Microfibre cloths serve many purposes as they can be used to clean computer screens, TVs, eyeglasses and so on—it’s well worth stocking up on a supply.

Prior to cleaning your device, turn it off; this will help you to see where the dirt is—it’s also much safer if you’re using water. Wipe the screen in one direction, cleaning it section by section until it’s spotless.

If your device is really dirty, you could use a damp cloth, but always make sure it is turned off and take the battery out if you can. Always clean the cloths once you’ve cleaned your smartphone, otherwise next time you’ll just be transferring dirt from one to the other. If you don’t have a cloth handy, a piece of Scotch Tape or other adhesive tape can be stuck on your screen; when you peel it off, it’ll take the dirt with it.

Special cleaning kits that contain microfibre cloths, cleaning wipes, and cleaning solutions are available if you want to do the job thoroughly. The bonus of these solutions is that they don’t contain any alcohol or ammonia, so they won’t damage your screen.

It’s worth remembering that any alcohol-based cleaner runs a risk of damaging your screen, as do many types of cleaning cloth, paper towels, tissues, etc. So make sure you always use something that is specifically designed for the job.

Specialist cleaning fluids are available that also add a layer of protection to your screen, for example, Shark Proof, which cleans your screen and leaves a coating that the company guarantees will remain scratch and germ resistant for two years.

For real germophobes, combined chargers with UV lamps are available, making your device sparkling clean as it charges.

Finally, it’s always worth remembering that the amount of cleaning your phone or tablet needs will be drastically reduced if you keep it in the case, which will also help stop you dropping it accidentally as well as protecting it if you do.