Increase Your Office 365 Security with Minimal Effort

Microsoft has announced a series of security upgrades to their Office 365 suite to protect users against cybercrime. Here’s our lowdown on what you can expect:

Files Restore: All files stored in Microsoft OneDrive accounts are protected by the Files Restore feature. If they become corrupted, infected with ransomware, or accidentally deleted, users can restore all the files on OneDrive to the state they were at any time in the previous 30 days.

Ransomware detection and recovery: Office 365 now has the capability to detect ransomware attacks and notify users via their desktop, email or mobile. It can even guide users through a process to restore their files to a point before the attack took place.

Password-protected sharing: If a user shares anything from their OneDrive account, they can now add a password to prevent any unauthorized person gaining access to the file in the event an email goes astray or is accidentally forwarded.

Email encryption: The Outlook program of the Office 365 suite encrypts all emails end to end, protecting the user even when the recipient may not have the most secure email. If a security issue is detected, the recipient will be asked to navigate to the Office 365 webpage where they will be given a password to view the email or offered the chance to access the email through a secure provider. Outlook will also detect if an email contains confidential information (e.g., social security number) and offer the user the chance to encrypt their email.

Forwarding prevention: users can now access email settings preventing any recipient from forwarding or copying any email sent with Outlook. Any Microsoft Office documents that are sent attached to an email will remain encrypted even if the email is forwarded, so any secondary recipient will not be able to open them.

Advanced link checking: this feature will be introduced later in 2018. Once active, when users click on a link in any Microsoft Office 365 utility, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, the program will immediately check whether the linked website is a security threat and warn the user accordingly.