Four Safe Alternative Browsers for Kids

Although parents can’t shield their children from unsavory content, it is possible to point them in kid-friendly directions. To this purpose, web browsers designed specifically for kids are now available. These browsers filter19792182675_420f9b5367 search results to keep sexually explicit, violent, or other inappropriate content hidden, making a parent’s supervisory role when it comes to internet use far simpler. Here are four such browsers to make our list of favorites:


This browser is for Windows only and is available in a free trial or a full version for $29.99. It allows parents to restrict the amount of time spent on the internet, locking out the use of other browsers, and pulls search results from a database of kid-friendly sites, which can be further filtered by parents in the settings.


The basic version of this browser is free, although a souped-up version is available for a $7.95 per-month-subscription. In addition to performing kid-friendly searches, it allows the

addition of friends to your child’s social circle for limited messaging and sharing capabilities. The paid version offers extras like a homework helper and the ability to block certain sites entirely.


For one-child accounts, this browser is entirely free, but adding multiple users incurs a small cost. Pikluk is different from other kid-friendly browsers in that it has built-in email. It is, however, extremely restrictive, requiring parents to approve websites and email recipients on a one-by-one basis.

 ZAC Browser

This browser was created by a grandfather for his autistic grandson, Zachary, and named ZAC or “Zone for Autistic Children.” What makes this browser unique is the attempt to make internet use easier for kids with motor skill issues, with features like being able to close the browser simply by clicking the right mouse button. Like other kid browsers, the search results are filtered to provide a controlled environment.