Case Study - TWD Technologies


TWD technologies is a leading engineering, procurement and construction management company. It’s also a prime example of a small business that has achieved – and successfully managed – significant growth over the course of a decade. In this case study, we’ll examine a few of the ways that TWD has used outsourced IT services to enhance their exis!ng infrastructure, facilitate corporate expansion and improve their business processes.

“Servicad has been with TWD from day one, helping us connect our first computers together to now providing day in and day out IT maintenance and strategic support to suit our growing needs. The team has been first rate.” 

Milt Tsiapalis, Principal at TWD Technologies Ltd.

IT Challenges

Once a two-man consulting firm, TWD is now a booming business with over 130 employees working out of multiple branch offices throughout Ontario and Alberta. As you might expect, each step in this process of growth and change presented a number of technical challenges to overcome. Employees across the map needed fast access to files, the ability to communicate as clearly over long distances as if they were speaking face to face, and new tools to support an increasingly complex organizational structure.


Servicad entered on to the scene very early in TWD’s development and helped set up all of the hardware and software in their first office, from desktops to a new server. For several years, they provided support services on a required basis, but as TWD’s team continued to expand, it became clear that a more formalized approach would be required to manage growth in the future.

“TWD had a clear vision for the future. Our goal was to ensure that the right IT infrastructure would be there to support them at every phase of their company’s development.”

Peter Lagges, Principal at Servicad Inc.

To accomplish this goal, Servicad started by developing an IT Build Plan that aligned with TWD’s corporate development strategy. As opposed to building TWD’s network one component at a time, Servicad was able to develop a cost-effective plan to extend the life of TWD’s existing hardware and so4ware and gradually expand with minimized expenses.


Networking & Data Storage:

TWD employs a TLS LAN extension that extends between branch offices, providing distant employees with secure access to important network resources – just as fast as if they were on location.

• Fibre channel speeds
• Remote access to TWD’s central network
• Increased security and encryption
• Increased storage space
• Centralized administration for efficient management

WAN Optimization & Consolidation:

To ensure efficient network performance in Edmonton, Servicad took steps to optimize TWD’s wide area network (WAN) connection to this location. This includes virtualizing network components to cut back on the cost of hardware and software.

• Greatly improved performance of shared applications
• Reduced hardware requirements and costs
• Relieved network congestion
• Centralized data management
• Optimized bandwidth usage

Unified Communications:

To promote teamwork and increase employee productivity, Servicad deployed a hosted unified communication solution that would give TWD employees easy access to a variety of tools for effective collaboration over long distances, including instant messaging, file sharing, web conferencing and more.

• Relieved burden of hosting communication software internally
• Virtually no maintenance or management required
• All employees gained access to one simple interface for all communications
• Reduced cost of licensing communications

Server Monitoring & Remediation:

To ensure efficient network performance in Edmonton, Servicad took steps to optimize TWD’s wide area network (WAN) connection to this location. This includes virtualizing network components to cut back on the cost of hardware and software.

• Automated mundane tasks like monitoring, maintenance & patch management
• Increased response time for minor network issues
• Increased network uptime 

bottom line

Through years of organizational growth and change, TWD has been able to rely on Servicad to support them with IT solutions that not only meet their budgetary requirements in the moment, but
also continue to serve them in the future. Their success is a compelling case for the effectiveness of IT outsourcing over the long term.

“We look forward to working with Servicad in the future and trust they will continue to offer us the same flexibility and support our business demands.”

Milt Tsiapalis, Principal at TWD Technologies

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