September News Bytes

Google is preparing for a major change in the coming months, including a name change for the company. Google plans to revamp its structure and be known as a holding company named Alphabet Inc. While Google name has become very well known it has even entered the vernacular as a verb (i.e. Just “google” it), …

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Microsoft Project Online a Simple and Flexible Alternative

  Microsoft has recently launched a new tool to help users work more easily and efficiently: Microsoft Project Online. The tool is used in conjunction with Office 365, but its presence online allows users to access their projects and other files from any device. This would, of course, increase productivity in general because users can …

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July 2015 News Bytes

This fall, the newest Apple operating system, iOS 9, will be released. The latest version will make new features available to iPhone and iPad users, and it also promises enhanced performance and functionality. The design tweaks, however, will be subtle in order to make the switch from previous versions like iOS 7 and 8 as …

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Question of the Month for May

Question: From time to time I have to email very large files as attachments, what’s the best way to send them? Answer: When email was first created, it was never intended to be a vehicle for large files. In fact, many email programs prohibit users from sending attachments larger than 10MB. However, with the sheer …

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Using IT to Improve your Business Processes

Business Process Management (BPM) is growing in importance as many organizations look for ways to work more efficiently, improve customer service and avoid wasteful spending.  Although BPM is usually thought of as a “management concern,” IT professionals are often heavily involved in these initiatives as well.  That’s because new technology has always played an essential …

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