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News Bytes – May

Get more in your Google chatAt a time when many of us are WFH, being educated, or just staying in touch with family and friends via video chat due to the global pandemic, Google has announced a timely upgrade to their video chat application. Google Meet can now support up to 16 people on the viewing grid on your screen, and the grid can adapt itself to show who the active speakers are. Google states that being able to see

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Question of the Month – May

Question: Is there a way to password protect folders in Windows 10? Answer: Basically, the answer to this question is no, unless you are using a really old version of Windows. Oddly, Microsoft has taken away the ability to password protect folders in the newer versions of Windows, even though it can be a very useful feature for workers who “hot desk” and share computers with others, keeping personal or confidential files protected. In Windows 7, all you have to

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The Essential Working from Home Toolkit

Lockdown, at least in certain parts of the world, seems set to last well into the summer if not beyond, and so many people are thinking about what they need to work from home. Below is a handy checklist with suggestions as to what you will need for the perfect, hassle-free home office. Computer: obviously! Unless your company has provided you with a computer, consider what you need to work with in terms of the company’s equipment. Is it really

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Presenter Coach Can Make You a Better Speaker

We have all sat through – and let us face it, we’ve probably all given – PowerPoint presentations that fell some way short of being scintillating, or even interesting. Ironically, PowerPoint, the tool that was supposed to make presentations lively and attractive, has actually been responsible for more boring presentations than any other tool in the history of IT. The reason is that people put all their effort into making a PowerPoint, and none into thinking about how they will

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How to Work Securely from Home

During the current global crisis, many organizations are allowing their employees to work from home in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus and follow government restrictions. These organizations must now implement robust security policies immediately to avoid falling prey to the many malicious actors who are determined to exploit any confusion or laxity in these turbulent times. The biggest weakness in cybersecurity, but also the greatest strength, is the end user. Every company should be repeatedly reminding employees of

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