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Thick, Thin, or Zero Clients?

Ever since the PC first came into offices, managers have been trying to find a universal solution to the question of type of computers that their staff should be using. Within the industry, the three categories of clients available are known as thick, thin, and zero. Every organization should think carefully about which category suits their needs best and will make their staff most productive whilst remaining secure. Thick clients (a.k.a. “rich” or “fat”) clients are standard PCs, desktops or

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Question of the Month – December

Question: Somebody’s sent me a PowerPoint presentation that I need to edit, but I can’t find a way of doing this. Is there a workaround? Answer:This is a common problem and many people waste a lot of time rebuilding or rewriting PowerPoint presentations, thinking that this is the only option if they want to make changes. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make any PowerPoint presentation editable. The key to this process is to look at the file extension:

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News Bytes – December

Voice Control in MapsGoogle has just added increased functionality to the Maps app, so that now users can control their phone calls, text, and music options with their voice whilst still keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Google Assistant will give you an audible alert of incoming calls, telling you who is calling, and you can opt whether or not to accept the call. To operate the service proactively, you can use the “Hey Google”

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Sharpening Your Edge

The newly-overhauled Microsoft Edge browser has won plenty of fans already, but there are a number of ways that users can make it even better, more efficient, and more secure by choosing the right add-ons. Below we list five add-ons that can enhance your Edge experience. Password Manager: Edge has an integrated password manager, but this only works for the browser itself. People who use multiple browsers may require a more universal password manager, and you can find these on

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7 Great Outlook Add-Ins to Have

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used applications, but not everybody uses it to its greatest potential. Below we list some ways in which you can use this application more effectively and efficiently. FindTime: this is a useful time management add-in that can automatically look through schedules and find a time when all other team members appear to be free; it then sends out a list of potential meeting times and asks for a vote on the optimal

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