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News Bytes – September

A solution looking for a problem?With facemasks seemingly becoming a part of the landscape for the foreseeable future in these pandemic times, it was always likely that high-tech companies would come up with products that reflect this. LG has jumped on this bandwagon with a mask which promises to provide clean air for its users. Effectively the mask contains a miniature air purifier driving fans that deliver air to the user’s mouth, speeding up or slowing down in sync with

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Advanced Threat Protection in Office 365

As the Internet has grown, with it being predicted that three-quarters of the world’s population will be online by 2022, so has cybercrime. Although there are many sophisticated applications available to block cybercriminals, one of the greatest dangers to a company’s or individual’s security is human error, with it being estimated that 90% of security breaches are a result of user mistakes. Microsoft’s new Advance Threat Protection (ATP) in Office 365 aims to mitigate or even abolish this problem by

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Question of the Month – September

Question: Is there a free and safe way to combine PDF files? Answer: Although PDFs are extremely useful for creating and sharing documents, they can be a headache to handle, particularly if you want to merge several of them into a single document, whether for space-saving purposes or to produce a portfolio. This can be done using Adobe Acrobat, but that means paying a minimum $13 a month subscription to the service. However, there are free-to-use alternatives available. If you’re

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Anti-(biological) Virus Protection

Hygiene should always be a priority in the workplace; employers and colleagues have a duty of care to each other to ensure that infections such as colds and flu do not get passed around the office. Apart from health considerations, it’s simply economic common sense for employers to want to keep their employees in good health. In this time of pandemic, hygiene around the workplace is more important than ever. Many companies may be employing professional cleaners, but for smaller

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Private Browsing, Better Security

Every browser manufacturer now realizes that one of the prime concerns of their users is their privacy when browsing the Internet. Scandals over the misuse of private data, such as Cambridge Analytica and others, have made consumers very aware of the fact that if they don’t want to be tracked and targeted through their Internet use, they need a high level of security from their browser. Different companies have different approaches to this issue: Google is forging ahead with plans

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