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Founded in Copenhagen in 1847, Carlsberg still maintains the same commitment to quality and great taste that has attracted legions of fans for over a century. Now, to keep up with demand across the country, Carlsberg Canada requires a reliable IT infrastructure and around-the-clock tech support services. 

In order to uphold its internationally recognized brand image, it was clear that Carlsberg Canada would require unwavering reliability from their IT infrastructure. With 24/7 network monitoring services, automated maintenance and anytime virtual help desk support, Managed Services offered the best possible approach to network management and growth.

IT Challenges

Carlsberg Canada started with only one employee to manage their IT on a part-time basis. During this time, they relied on outsourced IT services to provide “break-fix” services on a required basis.
But with an expanding team of representatives in different provinces and time zones, any amount of downtime had the potential to cause serious disruptions to the business and ultimately damage
Carlsberg’s overall corporate image. To resolve these issues, it was clear that more comprehensive support would be required.


In order to support Carlsberg Canada’s national IT requirements, including the need for around the clock help desk support services, Servicad recommended moving away from a reactive, “break-fix” approach to IT and switching to Managed Services, a more proactive system that aims to prevent network problems and downtime before it occurs.


Automated Maintenance:

On the old system, Carlsberg’s staff was required to handle time consuming and mundane maintenance routines, like applying day-to-day updates and security patches. To alleviate this burden,

• Maintenance runs daily or on-demand
• Temporary file & internet debris removal
• Weekly Microsoft Patch deployment
• Antivirus licensing included for desktops

Monitoring & Remediation:

Carlsberg had previously been using monitoring services to protect their network against unexpected network problems. Now, with Managed Services, they all of the coverage they need under a single monthly plan. 

• 24/7 monitoring services
• Real-time alerts
• Automated recommendations
• Level 1 & 2 remote remediation
• Antivirus & spyware scanning
• Reporting & analysis

With Managed Services, Carlsberg Canada now has a single point of service for province-wide hardware procurement, technical support, consulting & monitoring services.

Consulting & Support:

With representatives throughout the country, Carlsberg Canada required centralized support for their remote branch offices, while still providing employees in different time zones with access to
support services throughout their working day. With Servicad’s Managed Services, they now have access to anytime virtual help desk support and any consulting services that they need.

• Centralized ticket reporting & history
• 24/7 virtual help desk support
• Advanced/onsite support (9-5, M-F EST)
• Disaster recovery planning & management
• Project consulting
• Quarterly IT planning meetings 

bottom line

By switching to Managed Services, Carlsberg Canada improved the overall resilience and reliability of its network and also gained access to a centralized support solution for all of their branch offices. All of these services are covered by a single, predictable monthly fee, giving Carlsberg unlimited access to Servicad’s support and consulting services.

• Better network performance
• Improved network availability
• Reduced hardware requirements & costs
• Access to numerous specialized IT experts
• Reduced system repair requirements
• No hourly fees for support, consultations and a variety of different project work
• Help Desk support available 24/7 

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