9 New Gmail Features That Everyone’s Talking About

Google recently announced new features for its widely used email service; some are already available, others will be phased in soon. Here’s a brief summary of what awaits:

If you hover over an email, you’ll be offered a list of things you can do, including archiving, deleting, marking as read, or snoozing. When you receive calendar invites, you can reply quickly and easily by hovering over them.

New panel
On the right of your screen, you’ll find an icon for Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks (a new feature). Previously, a new tab or page would open; now a panel will slide out, allowing you to access those features without leaving your inbox.

If you don’t need an email immediately, you can hover over it and select snooze; enter a time, and it will disappear… only to reappear at your chosen time at the top of your inbox.

Smart Reply
When you reply to an email, Gmail will offer you three stock responses that you can paste into your email with one click.

Offline support
Previously unavailable without add-ons, you can now search through all emails that you sent and received within the last 90 days and perform all the usual available actions while offline.

Confidential mode
With this feature, emails can be sent with an expiry date, and you can withdraw your email at any time. Recipients can’t forward, download or copy confidential emails. You can also add a password that the recipient will receive by SMS, without which the email can’t be opened.

If you’ve forgotten to reply to an email, Gmail can now “nudge” you after a certain period of inactivity.

Assistive unsubscribe
Gmail will now remember which newsletters and mails you regularly open and automatically unsubscribe you from the ones that you don’t read.

High-priority notifications
Gmail mobile now allows you to select which addresses from which you’ll receive a notification so that your working day isn’t continually interrupted by irrelevant messages.