Month: July 2015

July 2015 News Bytes

This fall, the newest Apple operating system, iOS 9, will be released. The latest version will make new features available to iPhone and iPad users, and it also promises enhanced performance and functionality. The design tweaks, however, will be subtle in order to make the switch from previous versions like iOS 7 and 8 as …

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Google Introduces USB Secure Drive

Google has recently made available its newest security device, which is simultaneously high and low-tech. As the number of security breaches continues to increase, developers have been scrambling to find new ways to protect sensitive data from prying eyes. This has led to the rise of features like two-step verification, but this did not completely …

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The Upcoming IP Land Grab

A landmark in the Internet’s history is imminent, and the general public doesn’t suspect a thing. The available IPv4 addresses for ARIN, the Internet Regional Registry serving the United States, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean, will be completely used up in a matter of weeks. IPv4 refers to the fourth version of Internet Protocol …

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