Month: June 2013

Is Office 365 the Best Choice for Businesses?

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based alternative to traditional office software.  In addition to saving you the expense of paying for your office software upfront, it may also include a variety of useful cloud services like hosted email and online storage, depending on your specific subscription.

5 Reasons to Consider Virtualization

Virtualization is a broad term that involves creating a virtual copy of something, like a server, operating system, or storage device.  For example, server virtualization involves splitting the virtual environment of one physical server into several separate pieces, called “Virtual Machines.”  Each of these virtual machines can then be treated like separate servers.

Keeping Your Inbox Safe

Spam filters can drastically increase your email security but they aren’t fail proof.  No algorithm can completely eliminate the possibility of a malicious message making its way into your inbox.  When this happens, you are the last line of defense against fraudsters, viruses and malware.