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What Does Apple’s New iOS 9 offer?







When Apple first released the latest operating system version, iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad, and iPods, many users reported difficulties in using the upgrade. Error messages popped up frequently, and many Apple customers gave up in frustration despite the company’s instructions to reboot devices and try updating again through iTunes. This would ostensibly bypass the problems associated with users trying to download iOS 9 en masse. Now that users can download the update with ease, here are the five main features of iOS to check out:

Extended Battery Life: While previous upgrades actually reduced the battery life, designers have promised the opposite with iOS 9. According to Apple, iPhones and iPad will be able to run approximately an hour longer due to a general greater efficiency. The screen will also power off whenever it is set on a surface face-down, and users can also access a new Low Power mode when conserving battery life is an issue.

Split-Screen Viewing: Multi-tasking users may appreciate the new split-screen viewing feature, which allows for working on multiple projects at once. Use “slide-over” to open a new application in a sidebar without closing the one you are using if you need, for instance, to check an email on the fly. For equal viewing of two apps, use the “split view.” Lastly, there’s a “picture-in-picture” view that is especially useful for running FaceTime in a corner while performing other tasks.

Improved Siri: Apple has tweaked Siri to anticipate user needs in iOS 9, and this is a feature that will activate automatically according to each user’s habits. Frequent Calendar users, for example, may have their meetings for the day automatically displayed on the screen every morning, or weather information may be waiting, if you’re in the habit of checking for weather elements.

You Can Draw: Whether users opt to purchase the new Apple Pencil Stylus for precision sketches or let their fingers do the work, iOS has a new drawing capability. Insert sketches into the built-in Notes, or just send a heartfelt visual signal to your significant other. It’s also useful for marking text to remember in emails and saving as a snapshot to your iPhone or iPad.

Transit Directions: Apple has been criticized for not offering transit directions like those in Google and Bing maps, and that has now changed. For lucky users in 10 cities worldwide, public transit directions are now available. If you live elsewhere; however, you’ll still have to rely on other methods to gain this information.