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Using Reddit for Content Marketing

With so many social media platforms out there, we’re never short of ways to reach our followers and customers. Although many of these platforms are similar to one another, Reddit is fairly new to the party and has brought with it a fresh new offering. As an interesting content marketing opportunity, we thought we’d offer our top tips on using Reddit to its fullest and ensuring your content works for your fans as well as your business.

1. Start as you mean to go on
Before you dive into Reddit, it’s good to properly understand how it works. There are some crucial first stages that cannot be redone. For example, your registered username is yours forever. Make sure, therefore, that it accurately reflects your business. On Reddit, your comment or link ‘karma’ is continually monitored, with the most popular profiles earning the highest positions within their community. As your ‘karma’ is linked to your username, you won’t want to go back and change it, or you’ll have to start all over again.

2. Move carefully
Every time you post something, comment or submit a link, your history will be updated and displayed on your profile page. This history can’t be amended. It’s important, therefore, to be careful how you use Reddit – you wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

3. Pick a good title
To make your time on Reddit worthwhile, you’ll need to get your content to the ‘front page’. The better your ranking on the site, the more visibility your posts will get.

Choose an interesting title. If your content marketing is typically quite traditional, you might want to shake things up for the Reddit community. An attention-grabbing title will draw in far more readers than something serious. Enticing, dramatic titles are a Reddit user’s dream!

4. Hold the sales pitch
Avoid sales talk. If your content screams of commercial marketing, your posts will likely be unpopular, and you’ll risk them being flagged up as spam. Reddit users want interesting content, not shameless marketing.

Plan your content. Reddit is hostile to rushed, poorly-written articles, churned out for Google hits. If it’s weak, users will vote against it and you’ll lose ‘karma’.

5. Use Reddit advertising
By promoting your firm through Reddit advertising, you’ll benefit from a sponsored ad campaign that puts your content front and center.

Once you master Reddit you will earn yourself some valuable new business!