Free Network Audit

Your company’s IT network is essential to the survival of your business; it is the circulatory system that keeps your communications flowing smoothly. That’s why we recommend regular checkups, to keep your system healthy and catch small problems before they get out of hand.

Servicad’s non-invasive auditing services provide you with the information and analysis that you need to improve your system’s performance and defend against disaster.

Servicad provides professional network auditing services to help you uncover security risks, reduce unnecessary spending, select system upgrades that are right for you and ultimately optimize your network for success. We believe in providing all of our clients with personalized customer service and support, to ensure that you get a comprehensive assessment that reflects your unique business requirements.

Our insight can help you:

  • Utilize your network more effectively
  • Prevent overspending
  • Protect against data loss and corruption
  • Prepare for disaster recovery
  • Avoid fines for unlicensed/illegal software
  • Optimize your office space
  • Identify upgrades
  • Forecast and prepare for your future

For more information about Servicad’s auditing and assessment services, please contact us.