As the name implies, the term, “virtualization,” refers to the process of creating a virtual copy of an existing IT resource. This may include servers, desktops, data storage and other actual assets. By running multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, you can centralize all of your IT management, conserve space, save processing power, increase your energy efficiency, and ultimately get the highest return on investment possible from your IT system.

Servicad offers a variety of virtualization services to centralize your servers, secure your data, and improve the performance of your network. We also provide consultation, deployment and support, as well.

Virtualization offers many advantages, especially for small to medium sized businesses that require easy scalability. With virtualized resources, it’s easy to accommodate organizational growth and upgrade to new hardware when the time comes. As an added benefit, virtualization can offer even small organizations access to business continuity solutions, to keep their business up and running in a crisis and ensure complete disaster recovery.

Virtualization Services include:

  • Consultation & readiness assessment
  • Easy migration to virtual servers and desktops
  • Virtualization for hardware platforms and other applications
  • Virtual storage, backup & disaster recovery
  • Remote/mobile access to data

To learn more about our virtualization services, please contact us today!