Security & Protection

For integrity and expertise that you can trust, turn to Servicad. Our highly certified consultants and technicians can provide a wide range of security services, from auditing and assessments to complete, layered protection to keep your entire IT system safe on multiple levels.

When you come to Servicad for a security consultation, we start by getting to know your business and identifying your ultimate security goals. From there, we can assist you with the planning and provisioning you need to adapt to new and upcoming challenges, well into the future.

Nothing is more important to us than the security of our clients. That’s why our team at Servicad works tirelessly to ensure that we’re always ahead of the latest threats.

We’re equipped to assess, monitor and provide protection to all of your most important assets, from individual devices to your entire network. We also provide data storage and protection services, to keep your essential information private and secure.

Consulting, Assessment & Testing Services
Our team of highly qualified experts can provide consultation and assessment services to help you identify and eliminate any weakness that could be putting you at risk. Whether you need a quick checkup for your website or an extensive network analysis, we’re there for you. For an even deeper assessment of your security, we offer penetration testing and ethical hacking from outside your firewall, to prepare you to defend against malicious attacks on your system.

Endpoint Security
To ensure that your system is completely protected on every level, endpoint security is essential. Servicad ensures that every device on your network is equipped to defend your system, from PCs and laptops to mobile devices and even special equipment like bar code readers and point of sale terminals.

Maintenance, Monitoring and Patch Management
At Servicad, we understand that keeping your IT systems secure is a constant and ongoing process. That’s why we offer to manage this process by monitoring your system and keeping it up to date.

Data Storage & Protection
Should the worst ever occur, Servicad provides services to make disaster recovery as easy and painless as possible. This includes providing you with secure backup solutions that can be implemented on-site, or hosted in secure, Type II SAS 70-certified data centres. No matter what option you choose, you can rest easy knowing that we will always ensure that our solutions offer top-tier protection for your critical data.

Internal Monitoring & Web Filtering
Everyone wants to believe the best of their employees, but sometimes, even the most well-intentioned individuals may represent a danger to your IT system. To protect yourself from internal security lapses, we offer monitoring services to verify your employees’ IT activities, along with web filtering services to prevent them from stumbling onto dangerous websites and keep them on track. (View resources)

Managed Email Security & Email Encryption
Our email protection measures include filtering, to guard your inbox against known spammers and viruses, as well as encryption services to keep even your most sensitive communications private and secure. All of this is managed for you, so you don’t need to use any IT resources to keep your email safe. (View resources)

To learn more about our complete range of security services, please contact us for more details.