IT Procurement

For companies that don’t need IT services often enough to invest in our superior Managed Services program, we also offer repair services on a per-call basis, or in discounted blocks of time. In most instances, our technicians are dispatched the same or next day, even if a company is not under a contract and may not make use of our services on a regular basis.

Sometimes, all you need is a helping hand. That’s why Servicad offers commitment-free “à la carte” IT services to get your IT services back up and running when you’re in a pinch.

When you contact us for traditional IT service, our team of trained technicians will start by providing remote, online support from our data centre. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then we’ll dispatch a highly trained technician to your location with the materials, expertise, and firsthand knowledge required to provide you with personalized support.

Why call Servicad?

  • With per-call pricing, pay only for the time and materials you need
  • Consult with highly certified industry professionals
  • Receive remote assistance, right when you call in
  • In most instances, get on-site support by next day

When compared to other traditional IT service providers, this program offers an exceptional pricing structure, outstanding response times and premium quality of service. However, it should be noted these services are reactive, and therefore subject to limitations – we can only fix what it already broken. We strongly encourage all of our clients to consider alternative solutions, like Managed Services and Proactive Services, which offer maintenance and monitoring services. This allows us to predict and prevent issues before they occur, and provide you with faster, more effective support.

For more information regarding our IT services, please contact us.