Email & Communications

For most organizations, email is more than a simple – if essential – tool for communication. It also serves as a digital record of all of their business activities. That’s why it’s critical to ensure that your business has a reliable and secure email system, along with the proper tools to monitor, record, preserve and protect your employees’ emailing activities.

Since 1999, Servicad has been matching individual organizations with customized email and archiving solutions, designed specifically for them. We take pride in providing our clients with the right solution, every time.

Email Solutions
In most cases, Microsoft Exchange is Servicad’s messaging solution of choice.. Unlike On Premise Exchange, this service offers all the benefits of cloud computing, including easy scalability, simple management, and reduced expenses – there’s no need to invest in expensive hardware or servers. No matter what your requirements, Servicad will help you assess your options, guide you through the process of deploying your solution and provide continuous support, whenever you need it.

Email Archiving
Often overlooked, email archiving is an important consideration for any legitimate business. With the right email archiving system, you can create a secure and easily accessible repository for corporate knowledge and ensure compliance if your organization is ever asked to produce email records for legal purposes. That’s why Servicad offers a broad array of archiving services, suitable for organizations of any situation or size. All of these options are fully automated and searchable.

Servicad Hosted Mail Archiving provides your organization with scalable, affordable archiving services, easy file retrieval and top tier data storage, hosted in SAS 70 Type II-certified data centres for maxium security. With the potential to integrate with our Servicad Cloud Backup services, this archiving option has the added benefit of keeping all of your digital records in one place.

Hosted Exchange Archiving is integrated with our Hosted Exchange email solution, making it easy to retrieve accidentally deleted files and return them to your inbox. All of your data is hosted off-site and protected in geographically diverse data centres. You’ll also be provided with additional security features to monitor sensitive content and prevent accidental or unauthorized distribution.

On Premise Server is a cost effective method of archiving emails on-site, for organizations that prefer to implement and maintain an email archive in their own offices. MailStore stores your emails securely, with simple backup and restoration processes, helping to reduce your servers’ workload and allowing you to eliminate mailbox quotas.

To learn more about our emailing and archiving solutions, or to request a personal assessment of your organization’s requirements, please contact us.