The term, “cloud computing,” may seem like a complex concept at first glance. Its name evokes a hazy and indistinct image, and the reality of it is that the cloud is growing, changing and evolving everyday – no wonder so many people are unsure of what it is, how it works, and where, exactly, it begins and ends!

At present, “the cloud” is usually used to describe a variety of resources that are hosted online, including software applications and storage utilities. With the cloud, you and your colleagues can easily connect, collaborate and share information in real time.

With so many easy-to-use and affordable options out there, it’s no wonder that more and more Canadian business owners are turning to cloud technology to help their organizations grow!

Why use the cloud?

  • Increase your IT capabilities, quickly and affordably
  • Access enterprise class computing resources
  • Help your organization grow, manageably
  • Pay for service based on usage, without investing upfront
  • Scale cloud resources up or down, as required
  • Choose between global and private cloud computing resources

At Servicad, we are proud to provide our clients with customized Cloud adoption strategies. Our partners can count on us to help them assess their own cloud readiness, identify the right business entry point for them, and navigate the ever-changing world of cloud computing, while being mindful of the demands of the Canadian marketplace. If you need help getting started, feel free to contact Servicad’s expert team of consultants for more details.