Backup & Storage


Data loss can have devastating consequences, but many organizations are unprepared for the event of a major disaster. Conventional backup solutions aren’t just expensive – they can take days or even weeks to implement, leaving your business to suffer in the meantime. Worst of all, traditional backup methods like tape, CD ROMs and external hard drive cannot guarantee a successful recovery, and have unacceptably high rates of restoration failure.

Your competitive advantage and reputation both rely on consistent business continuity. That’s why all of Servicad’s backup solutions are designed to ensure rapid and reliable recovery in the event of disaster.

In the past, only large enterprises could afford to invest in business continuity solutions. Fortunately, cloud computing has made enterprise grade resources available to even small to medium sized businesses. There’s simply no reason to accept the potential cost of having to rebuild your data from scratch.


Depending on your needs, Servicad can offer a wide variety of different backup services, including image-based backups, file level backups, cloud storage, satellite office and on-premise solutions. To learn more about your data backup options, or to obtain a consultation, please contact us, today!


Servicad supports a wide selection of data storage solutions to keep your data safe, optimize your system, and ensure that you will be able to make a complete recovery in the event of a disaster. Our team can help you assess your organization’s performance and storage needs and then identify the right technology for the job, based on the best practices in the industry.

The average organization’s data increases exponentially, so scalability is a critical concern. Servicad can help you get the most out of your storage investment by anticipating your future storage requirements.

Storage Area Network (SAN):
SAN solutions make storage administration simple, by centralizing all of your data management activities and making it easy to shift your data from one server to another. This option features highly redundant infrastructure, eliminating the risk of a single point of failure in your system and providing superior business continuity in the event of disaster. Most importantly, SAN is enormously scalable, with the capacity to grow up to hundreds of disks in size.

What can a SAN solution offer you?

  • Performance optimization
  • Easy scalability
  • op-tier data protection
  • Total reliability (100% uptime)
  • Long distance connectivity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Centralized management
  • Cost-effective data recovery

  • Personalized consultation
  • Attentive customer service
  • Easy deployment
  • Ongoing support
  • Canadian-based storage options
  • Rapid emergency response times

To learn more about all of Servicad’s data storage solutions, please contact us today!