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Office 365’s Powerful New Artificial Intelligence Tools

If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, there is a new suite of AI-based features available in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook that you absolutely need to know about.

From intelligent data analysis tools, through to team collaboration offerings, the functionality on offer as part of Office 365 is becoming increasingly sophisticated and powerful, and you should harness it at every opportunity.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer and what these tools can mean for your business.

Automatically Identify Trends in Excel Data
Analysts are particularly excited by Microsoft’s Insights Preview tool, and it’s easy to see why. You can put the days of staring blankly at a mind-numbing jumbled set of data well and truly behind you with this smart new tool. Simply activate the Insights Preview tool, and Excel will automatically highlight patterns in the information and generate useful visualizations that make deciphering data easier than it ever was before.

Search Text Within Images
Office 365 now comes complete with an amazing Intelligent Search feature, which can automatically detect and extract printed words from any images that are uploaded to SharePoint and OneDrive. With an integrated search function, you can also locate files within a folder simply by searching for the words they contain, making opening image after image to find an important business receipt a thing of the past.

Get to Grips with Corporate Jargon with Acronyms
Pretty much every organization is plagued by endless acronyms that can become confusing and unwieldy. With the new Acronyms feature, you can quickly and easily interpret the acronyms that are in use in a firm. Better still, this tool incorporates machine learning functionality that automatically screens employees’ lingo to create a useful glossary of useful terms for those who are new to the game.

Enhance Cooperation with the Whiteboard Preview App
The new Whiteboard Preview app is a real-time digital canvas that facilitates collaboration and promotes greater communication between members of a team. It comes complete with data illustration, freehand drawing, and geometry recognition tools that are all specifically designed to make it easier for remote teams to work together.

Recent software updates demonstrate that Microsoft’s commitment to AI-based functionality is unwavering and no doubt that many incredible and exciting developments will be unveiled in the near future.