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News Bytes – May

New Facebook Community Standards Announced
Facebook has finally shared the rules it applies to determine whether to ban posts. Here’s a list of the things that will lead to removal:

  • Credible violence: Threats of violence will be taken down if they are “credible.” Instructions on how to make and use weapons will also be removed.
  • Hate speech: Direct attacks on people based on sex, race, country, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, disease or gender identity.
  • Graphic violence: Images of violence involving “real people or animals”; these are allowed for news purposes but not when the context or captions indicate they are being shared for sensational or titillating reasons.
  • Child sexual exploitation: Any content that sexually exploits children, or endangers them, is banned, and Facebook will report it to the relevant authorities. Nude images of children, even if posted in good faith; e.g., a toddler having a bath, will be removed to avoid exploitation.
  • Adult nudity and sexual activity: This is generally banned, but permitted in certain contexts; for example, when part of a protest or used educationally. Breastfeeding pictures are permitted, as are post-mastectomy images. Digital content containing nudity and sexual activity comes under the same rules, but paintings, drawings and sculptures do not.

Google Gun Gone for Good?
Google has removed the gun emoji from the Android platform, replacing it with a colorful super soaker. Google representatives said it was part of an effort to have a consistent message across all platforms. Apple replaced its gun symbol with a green water pistol in 2016, though Microsoft has yet to follow suit.