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News Bytes – April

Google Chrome to Block Autoplay Videos That Have Sound
This will come as welcome news to many: Google is set to put an end to those annoying autoplay videos that blast out sound upon loading. Version 66 of Chrome contains changes to autoplay settings that will block videos from being played if the sound is set to play by default.

Although these changes were initially planned for Chrome 64, which was released last January, they are now appearing in the beta version of Chrome 66 that will be released to the public next month. Hopefully, unwanted sound blaring from websites will then become a thing of the past.

Walmart Drones
Walmart recently filed a pile of patents for inventory-management technologies that may fundamentally change how we shop. One of these patents describes the use of a sensing device to establish a communication link between a mobile device and a shopping cart, which is likely designed to help shoppers navigate the store, while several others are related to the use of sensors to help the supermarket manage inventory levels.

The patent that has attracted the most attention is that for the use of drones to enhance the customer experience. If these plans materialize, shoppers will soon be able to summon drones to their location in the store using mobiles devices. Once deployed, these drones will provide customer advice and support.

The patents describe technologies that are currently in the planning phase and what lies ahead remains to be seen; however, it looks like a visit to the store may be set to get much more interesting.