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  • Facebook Passwords Stored in Plain Text since 2012

    Facebook has been mining user data for years. It logs our political stances, relationship histories and even phone records. Recent information suggests that it has been logging something else, too: unencrypted passwords. As per the recent news, hundreds of millions of passwords have been stored in plain text by Facebook-created applications. This information has been […]

  • Question of the Month – April

    Question: Why do I get bounce-back emails from unfamiliar addresses? Answer: While bounce-back emails are often legitimate, they could be caused by unsolicited email (spam) or malicious messages. There are a number of reasons why a bounce-back email may not be all it seems. Three examples are as follows: A spammer could be using your […]

  • Getting on Top of the Cloud

    Cloud technology should be an advantage, not a hindrance. Despite this, many firms are suffering from sky-high cloud resource management costs. What’s worse? These costs are unnecessary. With a strong cloud resource management strategy, your firm could save a significant sum. According to industry experts, the average business spends 35% more than it should on […]

  • Google Play Store Brimming with Unreliable Anti-virus Apps

    Independent testing agency AV-Comparatives has recently published the results of an enlightening study into Android security products. Examining 250 Android-based security products, the study assessed whether products available in the Google Play store could protect against 2,000 of the most common Android threats. AV-Comparatives deems an anti-virus product ineffective and unsafe if it fails to […]

  • Student Laptop Buying Tips

    Many students going back to school this fall will need a new laptop, not only for their schoolwork but for after-school R&R. There are literally thousands of laptops on the market, so what should you be looking for? Here are some quick and simple pointers: Screen size: Students tend to prefer 13 or 14 inch […]

  • Question of the Month – September

    Question: Can data be lost if a USB drive is unplugged before it’s ejected? Answer: Many of us tend to simply pull USB sticks out of our computers and ignore the warning we receive from the system telling us the USB drive has not been safely removed. After all, we’ve done it hundreds of times […]

  • News Bytes – September

    400 Suspensions and a Ban for Facebook Apps Facebook has announced that, as a result of its investigations into thousands of apps post-Cambridge Analytica, it has suspended 400 and banned one outright. myPersonality has been banned after refusing to be audited; Facebook says it has evidence that the company was sharing information with researchers and […]

  • Is Your Employees’ Use of Smartphones in the Workplace Putting Your Business at Risk?

    Many employees like to bring their own smartphones, tablets, etc. into work and use them for work purposes – it’s a lot more convenient than having to carry two of everything all the time! Using your own device has become even more commonplace in the last two years. However, despite these trends, on face value, […]

  • How to Tell if a Computer is Dying

    Sadly, as much as we love them, our devices won’t live forever. Whether it’s age, mechanical failure or accidental damage, they’ll all go eventually. If it’s mechanical failure or old age your gadget’s up against, we can help and there are some tell-tale signs that your PC is struggling. We’ve put together a list of […]

  • How to Establish a Paperless Office

    In business, we’re still very reliant on paper. Why, though? Mountains of paperwork create storage issues, are impossible to recover if lost and are expensive to distribute. Today’s technology has made it possible for businesses to cut back, or even stop, their dependence on paper. We’ve put together some of our top tips for working […]

  • News Bytes – August

    Amazon Prime Day record Sales despite Glitches Although it encountered a raft of issues, Amazon is yet again celebrating a successful Prime Day. The storm, however, may still be raging. According to Amazon, the first ten hours of Prime Day grew faster than last year. In the initial four hours, Amazon sold 54% more than […]